Who We Are

We are three entrepreneur groups

Silicon Valley Startup Incubation and Acceleration was founded in April 2011. Its meetup networking group was created in April 2012.

The Cofounder Community was created in April 2012 as an independant startup talks and cofounder search club. It became our subsidiary in August 2012.

The Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs Toastmasters Club was founded in May 2011. Starting from January 2012, it was operated by SVSIAN and became our subsidiary.

Our History

04/08/2011 -

SVSIAN was founded.

05/13/2011 -

SVET Club was founded.

01/21/2012 -

SVET Club became a subsidiary of SVSIAN.

08/05/2012 -

Cofounder community became a subsidiary of SVSIAN.

11/13/2013 -

Cofounded Startup University.

12/07/2016 -

SV New Tech Group was created.

05/09/2019 -

SVSIAN San Francisco Chapter was founded.

08/23/2020 -

SVSIAN Young Entrepreneur Group was created.

Contact Us

Please contact us with any questions, suggestions or to find out more about our organizations. You can use the following links to submit email inquiries online:

You can also send us emails directly to: