Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs Toastmasters Club

SVET Club is a chartered Toastmasters club. We meet weekly for our standard toastmaster meetings composed of prepared speeches, table-topics speeches and evaluation speeches. We provide also monthly pitch sessions with additional networking parties for entrepreneurs, startup founders, business owners, investors and general public.

All guests are welcome to all of our meetings and events. Our non-profit educational organization help our members and guests to improve public speaking, presentation, pitching, interpersonal, decision making and leadership skills.

SVET Club was founded on May 13, 2011 by Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs & Startups. In January 2012, SVSIAN started to be fully in charge of running the club. SVET Club became subsequently a subsidiary of SVSIAN.

Improve Your Communication Skills
Our weekly meetings help members improve communication skills and impromptu speaking skills. Members give prepared speeches at their own pace and receive constructive feedback from assigned evaluators. In additional to speaking effectively, members learn to listen attentively and give constructive evaluations.

Successful entrepreneurs possess traits of charismatic leaders by being able to communicate the vision effectively to create the team. Communication skills are not only pivotal in the role of entrepreneurship and venture seeking, but also critical in the success of the startup companies.

Improve Your Leadership Skills
Our programs are designed to develop leadership skills for entrepreneurs to learn accountability and responsibility, executive management, persuation and motivation, coaching and mentoring, relationship building, contracting for excellence, conflict resolution, as well as successful startup teamwork methodologies. Various meeting roles and executive duties help our members and officers to function productively, deliver quality performance, and resolve critical challenges.

Entrepreneur Pitch Practices
We provide entrepreneur pitch practice sessions on a regular basis. Our pitch practice sessions are specially designed for entrepreneurs and startup founders, which will help entrepreneurs convey entrepreneurial projects concisely and clearly, become more convincing and trustworthy, by learning how to communicate while engaging with people, as well as address the specific interests and concerns of the potential customers.

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